Pro Turf Temporary Labor

Temporary Labor

Pro Turf offers a unique “owner and budget” friendly construction management program where we work within the owner’s allocated construction limits and provide part-time “on-site” expertise and supervision of a specific construction project. 

Our temporary services are turn-key, we take care of the entire employee package, benefits, payroll and taxes, saving you time and paperwork.

Typical temporary labor projects may be:

  • Natural Disaster Relief
  • Part-Time Course Maintenance
  • Spot Projects  
  • Tournament/Event Prep
  • Temporary Employees – Vacation, Sickness, Injury and Replacement

Temporary Construction services include: 

  • Planning
  • Supervision
  • Budgeting
  • Monthly Budget Reconciliation
  • Scheduling
  • Payroll & Taxes
  • Bid Submission & Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Contract Development
  • Final Acceptance & Grow-in Services

Pro Turf International can supply fully supervised and experienced crews for properties wanting to make specific improvements such as bunker maintenance, turf reduction, retention ponds, green re-construction or even a temporary replacement for a superintendent until a full-time employee can be located.