Pro Turf Golf Maintenance

Golf Maintenance

Pro Turf provides a wide range of services with the experience to offer golf course renovation and construction, turf reduction programs, landscape construction, sports field construction, and construction management including grow in services. In short, Pro Turf can simplify the process of completing your golf course or landscape project by providing a reputable package of services, all done with confidence -because of our Team strength and a long list of successful projects and satisfied clients.

  • Our Outsource Care

    Pro Turf Management employs highly skilled individuals who can accurately forecast, control and reduce maintenance costs for golf course operators.

  • Event Preparation

    Pro Turf is also experienced in sports field and athletic field event preparation where performance and durability are put to the test by the world’s top athletes!

  • Irrigation & Drainage

    Irrigation and proper drainage can make a huge difference in both cost savings, turf health and aesthetic value of a property.

  • Turf Reduction

    Turf reductions are cost-savings projects that consist of removing turf in non-play areas and can drastically reduce water consumption.

  • Bunker Maintenance

    Pro Turf has renovated or restored over 1,500 sand trap and bunkers on numerous golf facilities in the greater Southwest and most recently, Florida.

  • Client Course Gallery

    Our vast client list includes many high-profile courses in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Nevada.

We Are Committed To Delivering Superior Results

Our committed staff of professionals understand how to perform the work to plans and specifications as well as to make some “value engineering” type of recommendations for cost saving measures when, and if needed on projects. Our experience over the years has taught us how to best manage as well as make suggestions that benefit you, the owner.

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